In 1978 Pentacon presented the first bayonet mount Praktica. After receiving some criticism at the Photokina, the Praktica B200 suffered minor modifications and was finally presented to the general public.

 After German reunification production of Praktica B cameras was mantained, thanks to the huge stock of parts left from Socialist times. Production was stopped around 2002 when the stock began to exhaust, and Pentacon no longer had the money, nor the will, to design a new camera.

Common Specifications

  • Electronic vertical run focal plane shutter.
  • Manual speeds: 1s-1/1000s + B.
  • Automatic Exposure speeds: 40s-1/1000s + B.
  • Mechanical Speeds: Flash sync (pre-BX cameras).
  • Shutter lock.

Exposure Control

  • TTL centre-weighted

  • Open-aperture metering with PB mount lenses

  • Fixed prism
  • Fixed focusing screen with diagonal triple wedge microprism and ground glass ring.
  • Field of view: 95%
  • Information: Shutter Speeds, Apertures.
  • Standard cable release socket.
  • Flash X sync socket.
  • Separate flash circuits for hotshoe and X sync socket.
  • Exposure lock.
  • Optional autowinder.
  • Grooved eyepiece to accept accessories.

B series

 The Praktica B200 was presented in the 1978 Photokina, but was available to the the general public only in 1980. The first version of both the B200 and B100 had a "grenade" style body covering. Subsequent models had a smooth finish, and an improved winding gear. There was a late version of the B200 finished in silver.
  The B200 used a GaAsP meter, the B100 a Cds meter.

 Model  Modes  Fsync  Flash  Timer  Year  Comments
 Praktica B200  M/AE  1/90s  -  Y  1978  First models delivered in 1980. Later model finished in silver
 Praktica B100  AE  1/90s  -  Y  1980  Only bayonet Praktica with needle shutter speed indication.

BC series

 After some delay the BC1 was launched in 1984, it was the first Praktica with flash dedication, it had improved electronics including a new Silicon meter.
 An intermediate model was available in the UK market the BCX, it used the new electronics of the BC1 but didn't had flash dedication, it had the same covering of the silver B200.
  The Jenaflex cameras were made to commemorate the 50th anniversary, of the first Dresden made mirror-reflex camera.

 Model  Modes  Fsync  Flash  Timer  Year  Comments
 Praktica BCX  M/AE  1/90s  -  Y  1983  Intermediate model between the B200 and the BC1. New electronics, no flash dedication.
 Praktica BC1  M/AE  1/90s  Dedicated  Y  1984  The first Praktica camera with flash dedication. Silicon meter.
 Praktica BCA  AE  1/60s  Dedicated  Y  1985  Substitute of the B100. Led information in the viewfinder.
 Praktica BCC  AE  1/60s  Dedicated  Y  1986  Domestic(DDR) version of the BCA.
 Praktica BCS  AE  1/60s  Dedicated  Y  1986  Version of the BCA(?).
 Jenaflex AM 1 nbsp;M/AE  1/90s  Dedicated  Y  1987  Same as BC1 with cosmetic changes. Normal lens labeled Carl Zeiss Jena.
 Jenaflex AC 1  AE  1/60s  Dedicated  Y  1987  Same as BCA with cosmetic changes. Normal lens labeled Carl Zeiss Jena.
 Prktica BC3  AE  1/90s  Dedicated  Y  1988  Same as BC1 with cosmetic changes, namely a handgrip.

BM series

The BMS was introduced to fill a gap in the PB line for a manual exposure camera. Oddly it uses the same electronic shutter as the other cameras, so operation without batteries is not possible.

 Model  Modes  Fsync  Flash  Timer  Year  Comments
 Praktica BMS  M  1/60s  Dedicated  Y  1988  Manual exposure camera, with electronic shutter!
 Praktica BM  M  1/60s  Dedicated  N  1988  Budget(!) version of the BMS

BX series

 In 1988 a new model was launched the BX20, it was the first major redesign of the PB line. A new chassis and electronics were used. For the first time a Praktica had TTL flash metering.
 Budget derivatives were produced like the BX10 and BX10 DX, but enjoyed limited distribution, because the BCA/BMS production line was still active.

There were some BX models produced for German mail-order catalogue firms, like the BX200.
During 1990 were produced a small number of BX20 cameras stamped "Made in Germany" instead of the usual "Made in German Democratic Republic".
 The BX20s was presented at 1990s Photokina were was announced the closing of the VEB Pentacon.
After German reunification Schneider Dresden was created to continue the production of Praktica cameras.
The BMS and the BCA were produced by Schneider Dresden for a short period. Production is officially stopped, but the Pentacon service department has enough parts, to make a few more cameras.

 Model  Modes  Fsync  Flash  Timer  Year  Comments
 Praktica BX20  M/AE  1/100s  TTL  Y  1988  First Praktica with TTL flash metering. New chassis.
 Praktica BX10  AE  1/100s  TTL  Y  1988  Produced in small quantities. There was a DX version. The BCA production line was still active at the time.
 Praktica BX20s  M/AE  1/100s  TTL  Y  1990  Last Praktica . BX20 chassis with new plastic covering. Reads DX film information. A special edition was produced in green military finish. There is a version with databack the BX20D.
 Praktica BX21s  M/AE  1/100s  TTL  Y  1990  Extremly rare model, based on the BX20s.

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