When the Praktica B system was launched it was accompanied by a range of lenses named Prakticar. They were made by Carl Zeiss Jena, Pentacon and Sigma Japan.  Later Pentacon sourced zoom lenses from Cimko and Cosina. After German reunification the Carl Zeiss Jena Prakticar lenses production was closed.  Then the Korean manufacturer Samyang was chosen, by the new owners Schneider Dresden, to supply Pentacon with zoom lenses.


Pentacon Prakticar lenses
 Meyer Optik Görlitz was one of the companies melted in the VEB Pentacon. While Carl Zeiss lens production facility remained independent, Meyer Optik production was fully integrated in the Pentacon works. When the Praktica B line was created the lenses were no longer badged Meyer-Optik, but "Pentacon Prakticar". After German reunification Schneider Dresden retained the production of some of the Pentacon Prakticar lenses.
 Speed/Focal length  Ø  Weight  Made in  Comments
 2.8/28mm 49mm  240g DDR/Germany   Produced in large quantities. Newer versions with plastic barrel.
 1.8/50mm 49mm  230g DDR/Germany   Newer versions with plastic barrel.
 2.4/50mm 49mm  160g DDR/Germany   Pancake style lens. Two versions one of them 4mm longer.
 2.8/135mm 55mm  465g DDR/Germany   Produced in large quantities. Newer versions with plastic barrel.
 4/200mm 58mm  670g DDR   Prototype only.
 5.6/500mm 118mm  3500g DDR   M42 mount. Pre-set diaphragm.

Note 1: There are unconfirmed rumors that the 50mm f:2.4 were made under license in Romania by IOR.

Note 2: The 50mm f:1.8 and the 135mm f:2.8 were available from Pentacon after German reunification, but not anymore.
Note 3: There were versions of the 28mm f:2.8, 50mm f:1.8 and the 135mm f:1.8 labeled "Carl Zeiss Jena P", they were intended to mate with the Jenaflex.
Note 4: Short after the creation of Schneider-Dresden at least the 28mm f:2.8 was produced labeled "Meyer-Optik Made in Germany".
Carl Zeiss Jena Prakticar lenses
 After German reunification the Praktica and the Carl Zeiss Jena production facilities were sold to diffrent owners.So the production of Carl Zeiss Prakticar lenses was stopped.
 Speed/Focal length   Ø  Weight  Made in  Comments
 2.8/20mm 67mm 310g DDR  Flektogon design
 2.4/28mm 49mm 350g DDR  Floating element. Extremly rare
 2.4/35mm 49mm 255g DDR  Flektogon design
 1.4/50mm 52mm 320g DDR
 1.8/50mm 49mm 230g DDR  Pentacon labeled CZJ for use in Jenaflex(?)
 2.8/50mm 49mm 150g DDR  Pancake style. Prototype only.
 2.8/55mm 49mm 250g DDR
 1.8/80mm 52mm 310g DDR
 3.5/135mm 49mm 310g DDR
 2.8/200mm 72mm 850g DDR  Extremly rare.
 4.0/300mm 72mm 900g DDR
 5.6/1000mm N/A 12Kg DDR  Mirror lens. M42 mount.
 2.7-3.5/35-70mm 58mm 410g DDR  True Carl Zeiss Jena zoom.
 4.0/80-200mm 52mm 640g DDR  True Carl Zeiss Jena zoom
Note 1:In countries where the Pentacon representatives weren't allowed to trade under the Carl Zeiss Jena name, lenses were stamped with "aus Jena" (Italy, West Germany, USA and others). Was this true for Prakticar lenses ?

Note 2: There was a range of Sigma made lenses, available in many camera mounts, which were labeled Carl Zeiss Jena. Mostly zooms.

Sigma site
Third Party Prakticar lenses (Sigma, Cosina, Cimko)
 Speed/Focal length  Ø  Weight  Made in  Comments
 2.8-4/35-70mm  52mm 380g Japan
 4.0-5.6/55-200mm  52mm 420g Japan
 4.0-5.6/55-200mmAF  52mm ? Japan Autofocus Version
 4.5/70-210mm  52mm 480g Japan
 4.5-5.6/80-200mm  ? ? Japan
Note :When sold by Pentacon the above lenses were labeled Pentacon Prakticar. They were also sold by Sigma, and by other independent lens manufacturers.

Samyang site
Samyang made Prakticar lenses
 Speed/Focal length  Ø  Weight  Made in  Comments
 4.0-4.5/18-28mm 72mm 490g Korea
 3.5-4.5/28-70mm 55mm 370g Korea
 4.0-5.6/28-200mm 67mm 810g Korea
 3.5-4.5/35-70mm 52mm 310g Korea
 4.0-5.6/70-210mm 52mm 450g Korea
 4.0-5.6/75-300mm 55mm 730g Korea
Note 1: The lenses available in the present from Pentacon, are the ones listed in the above table plus the 28mm f:2.8, 50mm f:2.4.
Note 2: When sold by Pentacon the above lenses are labeled Pentacon Prakticar. They are also available from Samyang, but they are very rare.
Note 3: Pentacon also provides this lenses under the Exakta brand. It also provides a Korean made 28mm f:2.8, labeled Exakta.
Other Lenses
Tele Converters
  There is a 2X teleconverter available in PB mount. It is a Japanese made Kenko Teleplus . It is available fom Pentacon (under the Prakticar and Exakta labels) , and from Kenko.
A Sigma made teleconverter was available for some time.
Tamron lenses

Tamron provides an Adaptall II mount for using their lenses in Praktica Bayonet cameras (Adaptall II Mount model 14C).

M42x1 lenses

Pentacon makes an adapter that allows the use of M42x1 lenses in PB cameras. It has electric contacts, so the camera can be used in stepped-down metering.

T mount lenses

There are no T Mount adapters for PB cameras.
In theory one can use T mount lenses via two adapters (PB to M42 plus M42 to T mount).

T2 mount lenses

Samyang makes an adapter to use T2 mount lenses in PB cameras. This adapter, unlike the M42x1 adapter provided by Pentacon, does not have electric contacts so the camera meter will not work.
This adapter can be obtained from Jessops in the UK.


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