Praktica B Flash

 The first PB cameras didn't have any kind of flash dedication. The Praktica BC1 came with a new flash system, it provided flash ready indication in the viewfinder.
 When the Praktica BX20 was introduced Pentacon incorporated for the first time a TTL flash system. It used Olympus technology, the Praktica flash system is identical to the Olympus OM flash system.
 Prakticar and Olympus OM flash units are fully compatible.

Prakticar Flash units

 Model  Modes     G/N  Comments
 BC1600  M,A 16  Contact for ready signal.
 BC2400  ? 24
 BC222  M,A 22
 BD24  M,TTL 24
 BD26  M,A,TTL 26  Bounce and swivel zoom-head.
 BD36  M,A,TTL 36  
 BD32 LCD  M,A,TTL 32  Power ratio control,bounce and swivel zoom-head.
 PS2000  M 20  Slave flash.
 Note:  Another alternative is the European SCA300 flash system. Agfa, Braun, Cullman, Regula, Hama and Metz support this system.
 It consists of  flash modules, adaptable to most  cameras.
 More information in the Metz Site.  The Praktica/Olympus module is the SCA321.

Other Prakticar accessories

Accessory Comments
 Prakticar Eye Cup
 Prakticar Angle finder
 Praktica B bellows  With electric lens contacts.
 Praktica B extension tubes.  With electric lens contacts.
 Praktica 2X Tele converter  With electric lens contacts.
 B to M42 lens adaptor  Essential accessory.
 Praktica B camera case
 Praktica camera Strap
 Praktica B Winder  2 Fps for B and BC cameras.
 Praktica BX Winder  3 Fps for BX cameras.

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